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Bringing a new baby into the world is no small task. Having a doula by your side during birth or the postpartum period can make this life-changing time go a little smoother. I provide my clients with evidence based information to empower informed choices, as well as nonjudgemental labor and postpartum support. I believe all birthing bodies are valued and deserve to be nurtured during this critical time.

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About Me

I'm Kate Soloff, a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Breast/Chest Feeding Counselor, Childbirth Educator and Integrative Lactation and Feeding Specialist based in Brooklyn, New York. I live in Flatbush with my partner, Morgan, our daughter Clementine and our fur baby Gus. I've been a babysitter/nanny throughout my life, in addition to being in the service industry and doing improv comedy. Working together, listening and problem solving are some of the skills that have helped shape the kind of doula I am. It's important to me that each birthing person be viewed as a unique, beautiful, individual with their own plans, hopes and dreams. My goal is to help facilitate the most ideal birth or postpartum experience possible. Birth and babies are unpredictable. Having the right person by your side, cheering you on, can really make the difference.

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What I Offer


As your doula, I am here to provide emotional, informational and physical support! I am here for the whole family, to parent the parent(s) in the process which can be really overwhelming.

Pictured is my dear friend and badass mama, Bambi, with me squeezing her hips during a contraction. 

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We will get together prenatally to discuss your birth preferences, labor logistics, ways to help you feel supported and calm throughout birth, as well as, planning for the postpartum period. We will discuss lactation and feeding, newborn care, and how to best set yourself up for the postpartum! Because birth is just a day (or so) and the postpartum is the rest of your life. Getting set up for success prenatally can make that transition smoother.

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Pregnancy, birth and the early days of child rearing are an adjustment for any family, whether it's the first or fifth baby. My Postpartum Support goal is to give you get the best information and care possible. I can help nurture the birthing parent (and partner if applicable), care for older children or pets, do light housework and chores. I also offer delicious, nutritious meal plans (please inquire about this separate service). Whatever you can use a helping hand with, I will be there offering support.

Contact me to learn more about all of the services that I offer.

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"Kate showed up to be whatever I needed during the laboring process. She was prepped with a big bag of comforts to offer if I needed such as chapstick and a speaker, which came in super handy as we forgot ours in the rush of getting to the hospital. She was a lovely companion to spend those hours with. Kate has a contagious positive energy. Always there to be fully supportive without being overwhelming. She's always ready to go beyond expectations. She held my leg and coached my pushes!"

Nicole S.

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"Kate was a wonderful doula from prenatal visits to postpartum! I felt supported during the entire journey of pregnancy into new parenthood. I particularly appreciated Kate's sense of humor, her groundedness, and her knowledge of labor and birth. I had a very long labor and she supported me the entire time which empowered me to feel calm and capable through labor and delivery. My partner was also very thankful to be able to share caring for me with someone who had been through the birth process before."

Emily H.

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"We were lucky to have Kate help us out through the postpartum period. She came in confident and took over and that was really needed, can’t stress having the professional support enough. She was great with our baby and made lots of yummy foods, would highly recommend Kate to anyone looking for support!! You won’t regret it."

Dahlia G.

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Getting meal prep from Doula K8 was one of the best choices our family made in the haze of the postpartum period! We had a meal train and were so grateful for it, but nothing really beat the sense of peace and nourishment we got from being fed by Kate. It was especially great to have a thorough conversation with her before she cooked anything where she asked about our preferences, restrictions, nutritional needs and goals. As the breast feeding parent, I was hungry ALL THE TIME and my partner was struggling to juggle his own new parent feelings and transition, going back to work, and trying to cook for both of us. The meal prep service was not only delicious and convenient, it helped eliminate a source of tension and that is priceless in those early postnatal months!

Nicolette D.

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Kate was an absolute godsend, both as a birth doula, and as a post-partum doula for our second daughter. A truly incredible and brilliant person, we couldn't have been happier or more satisfied with our decision to hire and entrust her with our growing family. She put my wife at ease, was super-responsive, is incredible with babies/kids, and frankly is just a true gem of a human. During the birth, she came to our place for some early labor and then got us to the hospital, helping to navigate all the administrative stuff and get my wife as comfortable as possible. She knew our birth plan inside out and advocated for my wife's preferences regarding possible interventions w medical staff. She had a wonderful bag of tricks w massagers, electrolyte drinks, etc, to help my wife during the labor process. Following the successful birth of our daughter, we were so lucky to have Kate come and help us 2 x a week for the first few crazy weeks as a post-partum doula. This was simply invaluable, and Kate helped ensure feeding was all good, assisted with early baths, entertained our wild 4 year old when needed, did some loads of laundry/dishes, and cooked some incredible, nourishing family style meals (w ample leftovers) that we still think of fondly. She was a calming, supportive, and uplifting presence in our home during some of the most important weeks of our lives. We will always be thankful. She has a true gift as a doula, her her ASAP.

Braden R.

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